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Benefits of Bamboo

Bamboo grows faster than any other plant in the world, yet has hardwood-like properties.
With proven sustainable bamboo products, We offer flooring, decking, wall-covering, beams, plywood which meets the highest requirements.
  • Dachuan Bamboo IndustryHard & durable
  • Dachuan Bamboo IndustryAnti-corrosion
  • Dachuan Bamboo IndustryHigh stability
  • Dachuan Bamboo IndustryAnti-cracking
  • Dachuan Bamboo IndustryEasy to install
  • Dachuan Bamboo IndustryMoth-proofing
  • Dachuan Bamboo IndustryCO2 neutral
  • Dachuan Bamboo IndustryHealthy
  • Dachuan Bamboo IndustryFireproof
  • Dachuan Bamboo Industry30 years guarantee

High quality of raw materials

Mao bamboo is known as the best bamboo of all ,and we choose it as our raw materials mainly in it's  hardness and toughness performance.
Our bamboo forest covers an area of 3880.11HA. We're involved in the planting process,and we harvest high quality bamboo.
With the high quality of raw materials , our products show a better performance.

High quality of products

A key of excellent production has always been its control over the production process. 
With the principle of highest standard, and the innovation & advanced technology of our experts ,our company grows rapidly and has become one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.
Now we have a good reputation in the market , and we'll provide continuous the highest standard products.

High quality of customer service

We provide high quality of service both pre - sales and after sales.
We always offer customization services.
Our customer service department  will help clients to solve all kinds of issues .
After digging out the green and yellow part of bamboo, the material is cutting by machine into similar size pieces.
why choose bamboo flooring
Choose bamboo for the benefit of mankind and the earth!

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