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What's the function of heavy bamboo?
The material of heavy bamboo is Mao bamboo, which is not only beneficial to sustainable development of ecology, but also can prevent moth, mildew, fire and deformation. It is beautiful and practical i
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What is bamboo furniture board?
Bamboo is widely used in home decoration and outdoor building materials because of its fast growth rate and high utilization rate.Bamboo as the daily use for building materials, is usually called bamb
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What's the bamboo flooring?
Bamboo flooring is a kind of material applied in architectural decoration. The raw materials used for different kinds of bamboo flooring in different regions are different. Among them, the bamboo floo
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How to choose the high quality bamboo decking?
Bamboo decking is also called strand woven bamboo flooring, it is a kind of the bamboo flooring. Bamboo decking has been a normal material in outdoor building objects nowadays, there will be cracking,
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The advantages of outdoor bamboo floor
outdoor bamboo floor use the Mao bamboo as raw material, bamboo is a renewable resource, the growth rate is rapid, compared with the growth rate is slow and precious wood, more friendly to the environ
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How to choose high quality bamboo flooring?
Divided by color, bamboo floors in the market can be divided into two types: one is natural color, and the color difference of bamboo flooring is smaller than that of wooden flooring.
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Bamboo floor daily maintenance necessary knowledge
First of all, we should try to keep the indoor dry humidity stable. When the climate in the northern region is relatively dry, especially when heating is turned on, consumers can adjust the humidity t
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